The First Book Comes…First!?!

I spend a seriously warped amount of time trying to find books to read. I mean I sometimes spend more time looking for something to read than actually reading it. One of the things I hate most about lists is that people sometimes list their favorite book in a series instead of the first one – like if this – 1. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 2. The Good, the Bad and the Undead 3. River Marked etc. Instead of writing the first book in the series. ( 1. HP & Philosopher’s stone 2. Dead Witch Walking 3. Moon Called)

I get that some people might just love one of the books super duper much but frankly it makes it damned hard to figure out if you read book# 1 of the series and hated it or if you might want to read book 1 before reading book nr #X. I just wish all lists would only include the first book in a series. If you love some books of the series more you can mentioned that in your “read why” section.

It might sound be weird and a little anal but I want to read book one first and then the rest. Especially with books that are a SERIES. Which a lot of Urban Fantasy and Fantasy books are. So that’s my two cent on book lists. Just had to get that out!

Also I figured I should make one of my favorite(Urban Fantasy) series! So soon I’ll post my list and maybe someone will post their own list after that(and link it in comment section) and I can find some awesome new books to read! Just remember: first book in the series. Not the second or fifteenth!!! (<– yes the three exclamation points are needed)



4 thoughts on “The First Book Comes…First!?!

  1. Ever start reading a book and then belatedly realize it’s a part of a series… and that it’s not the first book? So aggravating. đŸ™‚

    Now and then I visit the Coming Soon pages of various publishers and add interesting upcoming releases to my to-be-read list. I like recommendations and buzz-worthy books, but there’s a particular pleasure in being the one to discover a gem, too. Cheers!

    • Yeah I hate when you start with book #3 only to realize halfway in it’s part of something much bigger…urg! And then when you start on book #1 you know all these things that are going to happen. Sucky.

      Discovering gems is my favorite thing! One of the coolest (and weirdest books) I’ve discovered (but no one I know seems to have heard of) is Ash by Malinda Lo(I will be talking more about it in my upcoming fairy tale post.) It’s not a series though so no worries about accidentally ending up in the middle of something. Unless you open the book in the middle!

  2. And then there are the series that the author doesn’t write in chronological order. . . so if you read them in the order they were written, the first book doesn’t really come first. Steven Brust and Lois McMaster Bujold I am looking at you!!

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