Creepy Crawlies, JOY, Best Writing Pages& Cupcake…

Just hit my 50,000 mark over at NaNoWriMo (my profile) and I’m feeling pretty awesome about myself. But note to self for next year : Sit down and plot it all out before you digging yourself in too deep in a mystery you have no clue how to solve. Right now I’m so confused about my story I’m pretty sure it won’t ever make sense. And not only does it have no ending, it has too many badies and a donkey that shouldn’t be there. Also need to figure out what the Creepy Crawlies are doing there. And the little redheaded girl who is semi-insane. Yes. December will be a wonderful time of editorial Joy (Hehe sort of a word pun or something because my MC is named Joy…)

So while we are on the topic of plotting (and failing to do so) I’m going to move on to telling everyone and anyone reading this blog about my fave pages for writing-tips. I’m always looking for good websites with helpful writing tips, because lets face it, we can all just get better (at least it’s more hopeful to think we can get better.) So I’m always extra happy when I find one (and spend a few hours reading it instead of writing. A little bit counter productive maybe…)

The very first one I ever found and used is How to write Fan Fiction  and the latest one Novel Writing Help both have some pretty solid advice and it can be really good to brush up on old stuff we’ve read about writing. Another favorite of mine is A few things a Writer Can Learn from Harry Potter. 

Also I have the sweetest mom ever; look what she made me! (And I know it’s kind of lame to like food made into faces when your twenty but what can I say; I love food with faces and I’m damned proud of it!)


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