About me

Writer, student, chocolate lover and Halloween fanatic. That’s all you need to know about me!

No, but seriously, I love to write, my head is always buzzing with a new story. I finished my first book when I was eighteen (which is two years ago now) but have been writing seriously since I was about fourteen. I write mostly fantasy, both the high/heroic/epic and contemporary/urban kind. I also write mystery/suspense. Fan-fiction writing is also a guilty habit of mine along with throwing in quite  a bit of romance whenever I can get away with it. English, while not my native tongue, is the language I primarily write in.

Last year I studied creative writing at community college. I was also in the top 250 of 2012’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and had a shorty story published in a small anthology. I’m studying culture at university right now and later work in the publishing industry(hope being the keyword here!)

Jennifer K


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, Jennifer — Thanks for following my blog. Oh, how I wish I had started my writing life when I was your age. I see that you’re interested in the publishing industry. You might like this website where young book professionals share their knowledge and ideas: http://publishingtrendsetter.com. Keep writing, and I’ll be sure to visit your blog.

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