The First Book Comes…First!?!


I spend a seriously warped amount of time trying to find books to read. I mean I sometimes spend more time looking for something to read than actually reading it. One of the things I hate most about lists is that people sometimes list their favorite book in a series instead of the first one – like if this – 1. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 2. The Good, the Bad and the Undead 3. River Marked etc. Instead of writing the first book in the series. ( 1. HP & Philosopher’s stone 2. Dead Witch Walking 3. Moon Called)

I get that some people might just love one of the books super duper much but frankly it makes it damned hard to figure out if you read book# 1 of the series and hated it or if you might want to read book 1 before reading book nr #X. I just wish all lists would only include the first book in a series. If you love some books of the series more you can mentioned that in your “read why” section.

It might sound be weird and a little anal but I want to read book one first and then the rest. Especially with books that are a SERIES. Which a lot of Urban Fantasy and Fantasy books are. So that’s my two cent on book lists. Just had to get that out!

Also I figured I should make one of my favorite(Urban Fantasy) series! So soon I’ll post my list and maybe someone will post their own list after that(and link it in comment section) and I can find some awesome new books to read! Just remember: first book in the series. Not the second or fifteenth!!! (<– yes the three exclamation points are needed)